Kaleidoscope- The Prelude

Your college friends dress up in ‘Avatar’ costumes and perform action sequences from Die Hard, trying to rescue an apple pie from a kitten. You flirt with a security guard to distract him while a group of acquaintances rob a bank followed by partying inside the same bank. An old beautiful multi-storeyed house which has rooms that leads to further rooms, repeatedly. A heritage site, never seen before by me, gorgeous beyond explanation, looks like a honeycomb and when looked into closely has tiny families in each cell.

Someone you love found in a body bag. A long search for a lost friend, finally found praying to a God of another religion, in the most astonishing place. A beach-side party with school friends, where everyone is lodged inside a huge ship anchored at the shore. Houses lined up on the banks of a serene, holy river which is worshipped everyday by people singing country songs on acoustic guitars.

Dreams are mysterious. Learning about the unconscious mind and Freud’s various theories and interpretations has helped me appreciate certain aspects of dreams; however most of them still puzzle me. Oneirology- the study of dreams will give you valuable insight to why you see what you see when you are asleep. You will find a variety of books on these topics.

Here is a link to some of them from goodreads.


I am here to share my world of dreams with you. I dream almost every day and none of them are jaded or boring. I feel well rested in the mornings when I don’t dream at all the previous night but I feel incomplete. It’s similar to what you feel when your favourite sitcom ends its season with a cliff-hanger and you just want to know what happens next. Since all of my dreams are elaborate and complicated, my nightmares give me a hard time emotionally. I want to show you my crazy world of dreams. Whether ‘crazy’ is actually an understatement or an exaggeration, you will figure this out when you read it yourself. There may be times when you feel that I am making these stories up like a short story writer. I pledge that I will be honest about the stories of what I see. As you can imagine, they are immensely close to my heart. You’ll be introduced to an excerpt from my kaleidoscopic dreamland in the next post.

You are most welcome to make your own interpretations and express them. I would also love to live through your dreams so please do reveal them. Let me know what the story of your dream is.

Thank you  😀

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  1. Akshay Nair says:

    Yayy. Finally! 😀

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  2. Great going! 🙂 Interesting read

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  3. Krisha says:

    Hahahaha… I will religiously read this !! 😂

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  4. bunbunnyblog says:

    This is very interesting. I’ve heard your dreams, now I want to read them like a story book. Also, my view or interpretation of your dreams 😂, will surely keep reading it ✌ cheers babe.

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  5. Rhythm Mitra says:

    Proud of you …..that’s why I say sister of the year …..

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  6. Thank you so much guys


  7. Krishna Joshi says:

    Looking forward to read you…..

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  8. Piyusha says:

    This is a nice topic…combininng the knowledge of psychology and your interest…looking forward for more

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